The Curriculum of
Master Program of Basic Medical Science (BMS)
Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga (FM UNAIR) 

FM UNAIR Master’s Degree Study Program consists of 8 Study Interests. The subjects that are required to be followed by the 8 Study Interests are the Compulsory Subjects and the Compulsory Subjects of the Program. The General Compulsory modules are attended by all students of 5 of Master Program in Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga, namely the Basic Medical Science Study Program, the Tropical Medicine Study Program, the Sports Health Sciences Study Program, and the Reproductive Health Science Study Program.

Obligatory Subjects are held by each Study Interest in the BMS Study Program, and only attended by the student in each of the study concentration as her/his interest.

  1. General Obligatory Modules consist of:
  • PNK697: Research methodology
  • MAS603: Biostatistics
  • BIS609: Philosophy of Science and Bioethics, whereas
  • BII604: Biomolecules and Cell Biology
  • FIA602: Immunology
  • KDK612: Medical Pathology
  • FIA602: Laboratory Quality Assurance and Instrumentation
  • BIS604: Molecular Biology
  1. The Compulsory Module for every concentration
  2. Elective Modules consists of 18 elective courses. Every student of each study interest (concentration) areaddressed to take 2 elective modules in semester 2 (@ 2 SKS).
  3. Research Proposal, Thesis and Publication

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